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Providing a broad range of computer-based systems for corporate and Government services.

Concept ID Systems are unique in the way we develop tailored solutions for all our clients to meet their requirements. Many companies provide off-the-shelf solutions and try and sell hardware to companies and Governments alike however these are always eventually disregarded because they do not solve mission critical problems.

Concept ID Systems take requirements and priorities of of clients and develop computer systems to solve these problems practically. Whether it involves our card-based systems, our database solutions or security products - we provide a managed solution tailored to those requirements, nothing more and nothing less.

Our technology is used throughout many sectors including; corporate, education, health, Government agencies, charities and much more. All utilising our tailored services to tackle those mission critical problems they before had to deal with day-to-day.

We provide leading solutions involving the following; secure identification cards, biometric access control systems, database development, software development, physical and technical security services, security products (CCTV, IP cameras, GSM gate openers / door openers and much more.

Have a desire for future-proof systems for your company but don't know which way to turn to make it a reality?

Send our expert team of consultants a brief synopsis of your requirements on our contact page and Concept ID Systems will provide a comprehensive solution that tackles your exact requirements.

Edge-to-edge double sided printing, now available with custom holographic overlay and multiple encoding options.

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Latest Products

State-of-the-art systems with breakthrough innovations.

Concept ID Systems are one of the only companies to provide a complete bespoke security and information technology solution.

Secure Database & Server Solutions

An essential part of any of our systems is the security and integrity of data. That's why we provide the highest quality secure database and server solutions for all our clients.

Security Technology

We provide only the latest in security technology to give our clients optimum protection.