The Latest in Secure Identification Systems

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We provide entire identification systems to develop, deploy and issue PVC identification cards within companies and Government agencies.

We supply and manage a wide range of ID card technologies from a basic card system through to comprehensive high-security card systems integrating access control.

All our ID solutions use only the highest quality PVC cards with integrated encoding methods such as; Magnetic Strip, Smart Card Technology, RFID , Barcode and proximity cards.

Our card systems include the latest in anti-counterfeiting technology to ensure every card issued is protected from tampering or copying. Our anti-counterfeiting methods include but are not limited to; bespoke holograms, holographic watermark laminates, ultraviolet ink, micro text, exclusive card designs and more.

Our systems produce some of the highest quality cards available today with excellent edge-to-edge printed colours front and back, printed on high quality durable PVC cards that will last in any conditions and can be customised to any specification.

Have a desire for future-proof systems for your company but don't know which way to turn to make it a reality?

Send our expert team of consultants a brief synopsis of your requirements on our contact page and Concept ID Systems will provide a comprehensive solution that tackles your exact requirements.

Edge-to-edge double sided printing, now available with custom holographic overlay and multiple encoding options.

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State-of-the-art systems with breakthrough innovations.

Concept ID Systems are one of the only companies to provide a complete bespoke security and information technology solution.

Secure Database & Server Solutions

An essential part of any of our systems is the security and integrity of data. That's why we provide the highest quality secure database and server solutions for all our clients.

Security Technology

We provide only the latest in security technology to give our clients optimum protection.